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Agaricus bisporus - vital mushroom for skin and hormones

July 15, 2021
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

The brown mushroom, two-pored Egerling or also called cultivated mushroom is tasty and at the same time valuable for the intestinal health, for the support of the kidney and in the complementary therapy of hormone-dependent tumors.

The mushroom: popular edible and vital mushroom

Agaricus bisporus is also known as Agaricus brunnescens. It is widely known as a cultivated mushroom and was first cultivated by the agronomist Olivier de Serres in the 17th century at the court of Louis XIV. Since then, Agaricus bisporus has made an unparalleled triumphant march through the cuisines of all continents.

Today it is the most popular edible mushroom in the world. All over the world it is appreciated for its excellent taste and nutritional value, as well as for its versatility in preparation. Meanwhile, Agaricus bisporus has also made a name for itself as a valuable medicinal mushroom.

Valuable ingredients of Agaricus bisporus

The medicinal mushroom Agaricus bisporus is rich in vitamins of the B-complex. It also has a markedly high protein content. This makes it very interesting for people with elevated uric acid levels or gout, for example, who have to avoid purine-containing foods such as meat and fish as a source of protein. In addition, it contains – like all vital mushrooms – many important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. you can see a wicker basket with fresh brown mushrooms and a plate with sliced mushrooms, in the background a container with herbsThese include vitamin C, vitamin D, tocopherols (vitamin E), calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, manganese, selenium, copper and phosphorus. In addition, all essential amino acids are found in it. Its other ingredients include fiber, antioxidants (ergothioneine, polyphenols) and, of course, its polysaccharides and among them, in particular, beta-glucans.

Agaricus bisporus in cancer therapy

Research is focused on its potential applications in cancer. The results of initial studies show a remarkable potential for action in the prevention of various types of tumors. This is based on its conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) content and its specific lectins (ABL). Here, research is only just beginning.

The combination of Agaricus bisporus with vitamin D has proven to be helpful in cancer prevention. Vitamin D is required by almost all body cells to maintain their normal function. It also has a preventive effect on various types of cancer.

Three people doing gymnastics in the fresh air - a woman in the foreground smiles at the cameraThe use of Agaricus bisporus has shown encouraging results, particularly in the treatment of hormone-dependent cancers. Due to its inhibitory effect on the enzymes aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase, this vital mushroom can reduce the growth impulse on hormone-dependent tumor tissue.

This makes it very interesting in the prevention and treatment of prostate and breast cancer. Due to its inhibitory effect on aromatase, Agaricus bisporus has continued to be recommended for the prevention and in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Agaricus bisporus helps with gout

Another important field of application of this vital mushroom is gout. Those affected can benefit significantly from its administration, as it protects the kidneys, improves the excretion of creatinine and lowers uric acid levels. It also exerts an analgesic effect in gout attacks.

Vital mushrooms against acne

For acne, for example, in addition to the medicinal mushrooms Polyporus umbellatus and Reishi, the intake of Agaricus bisporus has proven helpful. This medicinal mushroom exerts an inhibitory effect on the enzyme 5α-reductase, thereby reducing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Excessive sebum production by the skin can thus be reduced.

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The mushroom for a healthy intestine

Close up of belly area of young woman in lime green underwear rubbing custom - indicated by circular arrow movementThe positive effects of the mushroom on the intestine are based, among other things, on its prebiotic effect: the healthy intestinal flora (bifidobacteria) is strengthened, harmful germs such as clostridia are reduced. In addition, secretory immunoglobulin A is increased in saliva and intestine. These antibodies catch pathogens in the mucous membrane, preventing them from entering the body in the first place.

What is the optimal dosage and when is the onset of action?

The dosage and onset of action depend on the disease, the degree of stress and the individual condition of the sufferer. There are many factors to consider, so we strongly recommend an individual consultation.

For mushroom powders there are many suppliers

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