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Breast cancer - what now?

February 21, 2022
Dipl.-Biol. Dorothee Ogroske et al.

In breast cancer, vital mushrooms can support the body in many ways quite naturally.

Breast cancer is the most common type of tumor in women, accounting for about 30%. There are more than 60,000 female patients in Germany each year. The probability for a woman to develop breast cancer during her lifetime is about 10%. However, women with breast cancer now have a good chance of recovering completely.

Natural help for breast cancer

What can you do specifically to prevent a recurrence or to avoid getting sick in the first place? First of all, it is important to take responsibility for one’s own health, and thus to become active. The aim is to identify the individual deficiencies in the organism that have contributed to the formation of the tumor. A well-functioning immune system, which is able to recognize and eliminate the body’s own altered cells, is crucial. Immune deficiencies can be caused, for example, by permanent stress with lack of sleep, a poor supply of micronutrients or a disturbed intestinal environment.

Due to an inadequate diet, many people today have large gaps in the supply of important vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants, etc., without which the immune system cannot perform well. Since a large part of the immune system is located in the intestine, it is also affected by poor digestion and intestinal stress.

Holistic therapy

Medicinal mushrooms, also known as vital mushrooms, are very good for strengthening the immune system. Many different immune mechanisms, and especially those important for good tumor defense, are activated by its valuable ingredients. Conventional medical therapies with chemotoxins or radiation often weaken the immune system even more and put a strain on the organism. Mushrooms help detoxification and can reduce side effects.

An increasing number of scientific studies show that, overall, the quality of life of cancer patients can be significantly improved by the use of medicinal mushrooms (Significance of Medicinal Mushrooms in Integrative Oncology: A Narrative Review, Front. Pharmacol., Nov. 11, 2020)

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