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Recognize and cure urinary tract diseases

January 31, 2022
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

Bladder and urinary tract infections are mainly caused by pathogens. As a rule, bacteria are the cause. Women are affected more often than men. The reason for this is their comparatively shorter urethra, which can easily lead to ascending infections. Another trigger for cystitis, however, is psychological stress and the associated weakening of the immune system.

Urinary tract infections, irritations of the urinary tract, bladder emptying disorders.

The classic symptoms of acute cystitis include severe pain and burning when urinating, as well as the feeling of a permanent need to urinate and a cramping of the bladder muscles. The symptoms are very unpleasant and lead to a severe impairment of well-being. If insufficient treatment is given, acute cystitis can become chronic. Associated with this are chronic complaints such as, above all, irritable bladder, which is characterized by a frequent need to urinate.

In men, benign enlargement of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is common from middle age. Increasing narrowing of the urethra as a result can lead to voiding disorders of the urinary bladder. This backlog promotes the occurrence of cystitis.

Important vital mushrooms for urinary tract diseases

The vital mushrooms Cordyceps and Polyporus have a diuretic effect. This means they stimulate kidney activity, causing flushing of both the urinary tract and the bladder. This also reduces the pathogens.

Cordyceps also develops warming effects in the lower half of the body. Warm feet, in turn, improve the resistance in the urinary tract. Cordyceps, Polyporus and Reishi exert an anti-irritant as well as antibacterial effect in the urinary tract and combat painful inflammation.

Moreover, they strengthen the immune power and therefore reduce the risk of chronic complaints. In benign prostate enlargement, they can relieve the discomfort of urination and also reduce the urge to urinate frequently – especially at night.


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