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Hericium erinaceus - hedgehog spiny beard for dog, cat & co.

In veterinary medicine, this medicinal mushroom is mainly used for diseases of the digestive tract.

May 5, 2021
Petra Remsing – veterinary practitioner

Hericium is highly valued as an edible mushroom not only in China. It grows in crevices and cavities of old deciduous trees, preferably on beech and oak trees, but can also be found on apple and walnut trees. In Germany it occurs only rarely.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the gastric and intestinal mucosa and is able to rebuild the gastric and intestinal mucosa. This property also makes it an important therapeutic agent in the treatment of allergies, atopic eczema in dogs or miliary eczema in cats, as well as food intolerances.

Ingredients hericenone and erinacin stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF).

NGF rebuilds the myelin sheaths of the nerves, thus regenerating the nerves. This makes it a valuable medicinal mushroom in cases of peripheral nerve damage caused by metabolic processes or trauma. Due to the positive properties of Hericium on the nerves, it has an excellent effect on anxious, restless and stressed animals.

In stomach and colon cancer, as well as tumors in the duodenum, Hericium shows an antitumor effect.

Indications for the use of Hericium erinaceus

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety, stress and restlessness
  • Intestinal diseases,
  • Colon cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Gastritis,
  • Stomach ulcer and stomach cancer
  • Feed intolerances
  • Nerve damage after trauma
  • Weakness of the immune system
  • Sweet itch
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Duodenal ulcers

For mushroom powders there are many suppliers

You will find trustworthy suppliers with controlled organic cultivation in Germany, but unfortunately also less recommendable importers of cheap goods. Read what is important when buying.

Note: The described effects are based on the intake of medicinal mushroom powder prepared from the whole mushroom. Please consult your pet therapist before use.

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Each animal is unique!

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