Efficient defense at all levels: defy the cold season with medicinal mushrooms

Our immune system has a wide range of ways to ward off and fight viruses. During the cold season, it has to mobilize all its strength to maintain our health. Vital mushrooms offer a wide range of starting points to support our immune system.

Every year, it returns unexpectedly and unwelcome: the cold season. After a relaxing summer vacation, we sit in the bus, train or office with a fresh complexion and think we are almost invulnerable. After all, we may not have had a cough or even sneezed for months. But suddenly, as soon as we’ve put our shorts away again, our throats start to itch! How is it that cold and flu epidemics spread so reliably time and time again? And can’t we do anything about it?

But we can! In the fall, we have the problem that the air is cool and therefore relatively dry. Both factors put a strain on an important anatomical barrier of our body against pathogens: the mucous membranes. In addition to drinking enough, the medicinal mushrooms Hericium and Chaga (Tschaga) are important allies for our health. This is because they strengthen the mucous membranes and defense mechanisms in the body so that, in the best case scenario, pathogens cannot gain a foothold in the first place. However, our immune system is an extremely complex construct that extends far beyond the mucous membranes. We can give it a helping hand in many natural ways: In addition to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, natural remedies such as medicinal mushrooms are a gentle but effective way of strengthening the immune system.

Diversely equipped

When we talk about “the immune system”, we use one term to summarize a large number of body structures and mechanisms. The mucous membranes of our airways make up only a small part of this. Skin, saliva and stomach acid also represent so-called physiological barriers against pathogens. When a cold virus enters our body, a cascade of reactions is triggered in which very different cells are involved. These include macrophages (phagocytes), T helper cells, B cells, natural killer cells and many more. Among the medicinal mushrooms, Coriolus, Chaga and Reishi are among those that generally stimulate the activity of the immune cells. On the one hand, this reduces the risk of falling ill in the first place. On the other hand, medicinal mushrooms can promote the recovery process and alleviate symptoms. As every person has a different constitution and illnesses are always very specific, the renowned MykoTroph Institute recommends seeking individual advice on suitable medicinal mushrooms. The institute offers a free telephone service where experienced mycotherapy experts provide detailed advice.

Strong gut for strong defenses

Overall, it is not just about strengthening the defense reactions per se. The organs and glands involved, in which immune cells are formed, stored and “trained”, also need to be supported. In addition to the bone marrow and the thymus gland, our intestines, for example, are closely linked to the efficiency of our immune system. Around 80 % of all immune cells are located here. It is therefore essential for good health to take good care of the intestinal flora and mucous membrane. In addition to a wholesome, plant-based diet and a good vitamin D level, medicinal mushrooms are also a good option here. They have a prebiotic effect and thus promote healthy intestinal flora. While Hericium nourishes the mucous membranes in the intestine, Chaga strengthens the immune system itself. It also has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. If you would like to find out more about this valuable medicinal mushroom for our immune system, why not take part in our free webinar “Strengthening the immune system with Chaga” on October 23. It is definitely worth paying attention to your own health. Once we are ill, the recovery process takes even more time and energy.

Let us advise you!

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