Vital mushrooms as natural support for depression

Depression is a mental illness that significantly affects the everyday lives of those affected. That is why an individually tailored therapy is extremely important. Vital mushrooms offer a gentle and efficient supplement to conventional medical measures.

For outsiders, the symptoms of depression often do not sound as serious as they are for the person affected. Struggling to get out of bed in the morning, for example, affects almost everyone from time to time. Not being able to motivate yourself for some things is not a specialty in itself. Even the concentration of healthy people fluctuates greatly over the course of a day. What exactly makes these “common” symptoms a clinical picture? The intensity and frequency of the symptoms tip the scales. Depressed people often have so little drive that even nutrition and hygiene suffer. They feel constantly depressed and sometimes can’t get out of bed for days. Sleep disorders and pain can also occur. The list of possible symptoms is long. Taken together, they make it difficult or even impossible for those affected to cope with everyday life. The treatment options are just as individual as the clinical picture. In addition to conventional medical approaches such as psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs, medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps provide wonderful support for depression. They can alleviate symptoms as well as combat accompanying illnesses and causes.

Every depression is individual

In order to understand the mode of action of medicinal mushrooms, we need to take a brief look at the background to depression. It is not uncommon for mental illness to break out as a result of a highly stressful life event. Before that, however, there is already a certain “vulnerability” that can be traced back to bad experiences in childhood, for example. But physical deficits can also make the psyche more vulnerable: Cardiovascular diseases, chronic inflammation, hormonal changes and an imbalance of messenger substances are just a few examples of this. Vital mushrooms can now help to compensate for physical imbalances. Among other things, they have an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and balancing effect on blood sugar levels as well as hormone and neurotransmitter balance. In this context, the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps has a very similar effect to the conventional MAO inhibitors, which counteract the excessive breakdown of the neurotransmitter serotonin. The cordycepin it contains also strengthens our cellular power plants. Regular consumption of dried mushroom powder therefore makes us physically and mentally more resilient. In addition to Cordyceps, Hericium and Reishi also help depressed people. Mycotherapists know which medicinal mushrooms offer the best support in each individual case. If you would like individual advice on your problem, you can contact experienced experts via the Mycotroph Institute’s free hotline.

Finding the best therapy

Unfortunately, depression is becoming a widespread disease. In Germany alone, around six million people suffer from it. It is particularly fatal that mental illness has a negative impact on all areas of life. In addition, those affected often lack the drive to start therapy. Nowadays there are really good treatment options. In addition, side-effect-free measures such as sufficient exercise, fresh air, a balanced diet and medicinal mushrooms can significantly improve the chances of recovery. Reishi, for example, promotes healthy sleep and reduces stress. It also stimulates the metabolism and detoxification. Hericium, on the other hand, strengthens the nerves and counteracts brain changes that can go hand in hand with depression. It strengthens the gastrointestinal tract and the so-called gut-brain axis, which can support our mental health. Observations also show that people who regularly take Hericium suffer less from anxiety and stress, sleep better and can even concentrate better.

Let us advise you!

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