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Managing burnout and stress

05 April 2021
Dipl.-Biol. Dorothee Ogroske et al.

Whether at work, at school, in training, at university or in private life: More and more people across all age groups are exposed to great stress on a daily basis.

Anxiety, depressive mood, nervous exhaustion

The modern meritocracy makes ever greater demands on us. The constant accessibility that is increasingly taken for granted – both in private and in professional life – also means that many people hardly get any rest. Stress-related complaints and illnesses are therefore increasing significantly.

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Multiple symptoms

Excess stress can manifest itself through a variety of symptoms. These include, for example, depressive moods, restlessness, sleep disorders, listlessness, exhaustion, drop in performance or fear of failure. All these are serious warning signals, they indicate that the body and soul can no longer withstand the pressure and are looking for an outlet.

Vital mushrooms provide valuable support

Very useful for stress-related complaints are the vital mushrooms Cordyceps and Hericium. They contain specific active ingredients that can alleviate states of restlessness and irritability during the day and help to achieve restful sleep at night. The downward spiral can thus be stopped and body and mind can regain their natural strength and performance.

The vital mushroom Hericium is rich in valuable erinacins. These stimulate the nerve growth factor and develop a relaxing effect in this way. Both cordyceps and hericium are characterized by an anxiety-relieving effect. Cordyceps, in particular, also has antidepressant properties. In Asia, this vital mushroom has been considered a source of strength and willpower for centuries.


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