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Lose weight naturally with vital mushrooms

January 27, 2021
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

In Europe, more than half of all women and up to two-thirds of all men are overweight. In this context, obesity is a serious health problem with a high risk of serious secondary diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, lipometabolic disorders, gout, cancer, thrombosis, and joint and back problems. Therefore, it is urgent to support those affected and especially to educate families to protect children.

In this article we illuminate the causes and consequences of overweight and obesity in more detail, to finally show a well viable solution to the problem with vital mushrooms.

Normal weight, overweight or obese?

The “Body Mass Index” (BMI) is usually used as a benchmark for the assessment. It is calculated from the ratio between body weight and height: BMI = weight [kg]/ height² [m].

People with a normal weight have a BMI between 20 and 25. A higher value is called overweight. Obesity or adiposity begins at a BMI of 30. This classification is not always accurate because it does not take into account the distribution of fat and muscle mass. So bodybuilders can also reach a BMI of over 30, but have hardly any fat on the body. Therefore, the waist-to-hip ratio or abdominal circumference is more important, because this is where the really dangerous fat is located. Thus, the risk of disease increases in women from an abdominal girth of 80cm and in men from 94cm.

In Germany, almost a quarter of all adults are considered obese and are therefore at increased risk for various health problems. Statistics show that people with a BMI of 25 or more are more likely to suffer from metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, joint problems and other health problems than those of normal weight. If the BMI exceeds 30, the likelihood of all these diseases increases dramatically once again. That’s why obesity is a serious health risk.

What are the risks of obesity?

When assessing the health risks of obesity, the distribution of adipose tissue should be considered in addition to BMI and body mass composition. Thus, individuals of the “apple type” are more prone to diabetes and other serious secondary diseases than those of the “pear type.” As the names vividly illustrate, the apple type has primarily abdominal fat. The pear type is characterized by a wide hip and fatty tissue on the thighs. Depending on which type you belong to, you should pay attention to other aspects if you want to lose weight naturally.

Why is belly fat dangerous?

Belly fat is considered particularly critical to health for several reasons: First, the organism treats it like an independent organ that needs to be supplied with blood and oxygen. To meet this demand, blood pressure must rise. On the other hand, researchers have observed that abdominal fat in particular produces a variety of messenger substances that have a negative impact on health. For example, they promote inflammation, affect insulin levels and increase appetite, raise blood pressure and increase the risk of thrombosis. Abdominal fat is also considered a major factor in the development of type 2 diabetes. Due to the increased insulin resistance of the cells, insulin must be increasingly produced and the pancreas slowly becomes exhausted. In addition, cancers associated with obesity are also more likely to occur in apple-type individuals than pear-type individuals. The good news is that medicinal mushrooms like maitake, positively affect both blood sugar and the metabolism of fat. This makes them a great support for those who want to lose weight naturally. On average, apple types have a higher activity of the enzyme aromatase. It is responsible for the conversion of the hormone testosterone into estrogen. Thus, increased activity equates to “feminization.” In men, this means, for example, man boobs and prostate problems. However, a lack of testosterone is also problematic for women, as performance and muscle building depend on this hormone. Among the vital mushrooms, it is the mushrooms that can most strongly inhibit the activity of aromatase and thus curb the loss of testosterone.

Every person is unique!

Our experienced team will be happy to advise you in detail and free of charge on all matters relating to your health.

Metabolic syndrome

Once the BMI has exceeded the critical 25 mark, each additional kilogram makes metabolic syndrome more likely. This is a combination of several serious metabolic disorders:
– Lipid metabolism disorders with elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, in the worst case a non-alcoholic fatty liver
– Increased blood glucose levels up to diabetes
Hypertension, associated with an increased likelihood of atherosclerosis
– persistent smoldering inflammation involving oxidative and nitrosative stress

Since the various problems in metabolic syndrome reinforce and perpetuate each other, it is incomparably more difficult for sufferers to lose weight. In addition to weight loss, natural remedies can alleviate the various ailments. Again, maitake is recommended for metabolism, as well as the vital mushroom reishi, frankincense and turmeric to relieve inflammation.

Oxidative and nitrosative stress

Oxidative stress is oxygen radicals that are produced in the body and can cause lasting damage to cells. High oxidative stress is considered a risk factor for serious diseases such as cancer. The situation is similar with the lesser-known nitrosative stress. It pollutes the organism in the form of nitrogen oxides. In addition to obesity, and here again especially abdominal fat, trans fats, stress, alcohol, lack of exercise, smoking, heavy metals and a nutrient-poor diet increase oxidative as well as nitrosative stress. To alleviate this stress, plant foods rich in antioxidants such as berries, grapes, vegetables and nuts have proven effective. In addition, all vital mushrooms contain antioxidants, especially Chaga and Reishi.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver

The storage of fat in body cells while gaining weight particularly affects the liver, as it naturally stores excess energy. In the last century, fatty liver was considered primarily a consequence of heavy alcohol consumption. Today, non-alcoholic fatty liver is the bigger problem. The name is somewhat misleading: although large amounts of fat accumulate in the liver cells, they come not only from fat, but also from sugar and artificially added fructose. In the body, the sugar is converted into fat and then stored as a stock. The problem of a fatty liver, which by the way can also be present in slim people, is that the metabolism stalls – a vicious circle takes its course. The detoxification of the body is also slow. Detoxification is enormously important, especially when losing weight. Possible late effects of fatty liver are liver fibrosis, cirrhosis and liver carcinoma. It is therefore important to take action against non-alcoholic fatty liver as early as possible. In addition to weight reduction and a balanced diet with little sugar, fructose and saturated fatty acids, medicinal mushrooms also help here: while maitake and shiitake promote metabolic processes in the liver, reishi supports the liver in detoxification and regeneration.

Slowdown of metabolism: mitochondriopathy

The muscle cells also absorb excess energy and in the form of fat. Unfortunately, the storage of fat in large quantities causes the small power plants of the cells, the mitochondria, to work less efficiently. They burn less and thus also provide less energy.

This is a real dilemma for people who would like to lose weight naturally. They feel listless and use up little energy reserves even when moving. Even the freely available energy in the form of blood sugar they hardly tap, because the muscle cells become more resistant to insulin with increasing fat storage.

To still lose weight in this situation, you need a balanced, predominantly plant-based diet that is rich in vital substances and low in fat. In addition to regular exercise, the vital mushrooms Cordyceps and Pleurotus can be taken. Cordyceps promotes fat burning, while Pleurotus lowers blood lipids, preventing further deposits.

Other concomitant and consequential symptoms of obesity

In addition to all these quite common consequences of overweight and obesity, there is a whole range of other health impairments that can occur in connection with an excessively high BMI:

So there are a variety of reasons to reduce one’s excess weight. Losing weight with vital mushrooms offers the great advantage that it supports both the weight reduction itself and alleviates the symptoms of accompanying symptoms.

What causes obesity?

If you want to lose weight naturally, it is helpful to know the causes of excess weight beforehand. To assume across the board that “too much food” is to blame falls short of the mark. The reasons can be found in many different behaviors and physical conditions. Losing weight with vital mushrooms is therefore also so effective because the various conditions of obesity are taken into account. Basically, of course, nutrition plays a major role. But what exactly are “fattening” foods? They are the ubiquitous, highly processed foods with few vital nutrients but enormously high energy density. Here, we consume large amounts of energy in just a few bites without the stomach feeling full. That’s why we usually eat more than we need. After the meal, the feeling of satiety does not last long. The body still lacks vitamins, minerals, fiber, essential amino acids, and so on. That is why it demands more. Many simple carbohydrates such as from sugar or white flour also keep insulin levels high. This blocks the burning of fat and additionally fuels hunger. In the long run, food low in nutrients and fiber also harms the intestinal flora. This gets out of balance, which has a variety of unfavorable effects on health and weight. The “slimming bacteria” are reduced. Unlike the ubiquitous fast food and highly processed convenience foods, natural foods from the fruit and vegetable counter have a favorable nutrient composition. First and foremost, prebiotic foods such as mushrooms and legumes are excellent if you want to lose weight naturally. We will explain why in a moment.

Fattening eating habits

For our health it is not only important WHAT we eat, but also WHEN. Just by eating a few large meals and taking sufficiently long breaks from eating, the pounds will melt away. But unfortunately, we like to follow familiar patterns that we learned from childhood: Snacks in the morning, a few cookies in the afternoon, and chips in front of the TV in the evening. So pounds accumulate quickly and fat loss is blocked. Many people with obesity suffer from binge eating. Our brain reacts to sugar and fat in a similar way to drugs. Experience shows that such “withdrawal” lasts a good two weeks. Only then does the unnatural craving for empty calories stop. Even more serious than binge eating is an eating disorder. It can hardly be managed without psychotherapeutic support. Of all the eating disorders, it is binge eating and bulimia that can manifest in severe obesity. Also from an early age, we learn to eat for reasons that are completely disconnected from hunger and appetite. So there is a piece of chocolate as a reward. When frustrated, we console ourselves with an ice cream and stress is met with chips. Since all of these behaviors are trained, they can also be untrained. Here help especially such vital mushrooms, which stabilize blood sugar and have a balancing effect on the psyche.

Overweight due to lack of exercise and stress

High-performance athletes can certainly consume large amounts of energy. But the less someone moves, the fewer calories they consume. Even basal metabolic rate is lower in unathletic individuals at rest than in athletes. This is mainly due to the lower muscle mass. Increasing this through regular physical activity is an essential point if you want to lose weight naturally. Vital mushrooms such as cordyceps and reishi can help here because they promote muscle growth and encourage more activity. Vital mushroom Pleurotus can protect against tension and muscle pain. People who are under stress usually find less time for sports. At the same time, stress increases cortisol levels, which promotes the development of abdominal fat. A stressful day is often followed by a bad night. Experts recommend sleeping at least seven hours. But many find it very difficult to fall asleep or sleep through the night. When there is a lack of sleep, the body produces more “hunger hormones” and fewer “satiety hormones”. Cravings and a lack of a feeling of satiety are the result. The medicinal mushrooms Reishi and Hericium help here. They have a calming effect and improve the quality of sleep when taken regularly. Cordyceps is also helpful because it has a mood-boosting effect. Thus, losing weight with vital mushrooms can be much easier. Although diet and exercise are the central adjusting screws of weight regulation, other factors sometimes also play a role. For example, some hormones, cortisone, psychotropic drugs, beta blockers and too much insulin can lead to more pounds. Also certain diseases, hormonal imbalances and metabolic disorders (e. g. B. Menopause, hypothyroidism) affect weight. Finally, a genetic factor often plays a role.

Efficiently lose weight with vital mushrooms

Vital and edible mushrooms offer wonderful support if you want to manage your excess weight. Advantageous is their high content of nutrients and at the same time low energy density. They give the body many things it urgently needs: high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber, trace elements. Cholesterol, on the other hand, does not occur in mushrooms. Glucose is also only present in small quantities.

Health promoting properties of medicinal mushrooms

In addition to nutrients, vital mushrooms contain specific substances that can promote health and alleviate negative effects of obesity. Some help to break the vicious circle of metabolic blockages, which greatly facilitates weight loss. Read here some examples of the health benefits of losing weight with vital mushrooms:

  • Intestinal health: All medicinal mushrooms are rich in long-chain carbohydrates, the polysaccharides. Among other things, these have a prebiotic effect, i.e. they improve the intestinal flora. This is often unfavorably composed, especially in overweight people, and thus prevents weight loss. Consequences can also be inflammations and intolerances. In mice, a laboratory study showed that the administration of the vital mushroom Reishi significantly improved the intestinal environment, and this alone prevented obesity. [1]
  • Detoxification: Vital mushrooms help the body to detoxify. They strengthen and protect the systems involved in the elimination of toxins, such as the kidney, liver and lymph. Since toxins are released more frequently during weight loss, it is essential to force their elimination. They also strengthen the antioxidant mechanisms of our body.
  • Regulation of metabolism: substances such as chitin and other beta-glucans have a positive effect on fat and glucose metabolism. Thus, medicinal mushrooms can reduce the intake of sugar and cholesterol. They also harmonize the blood sugar level.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Gradual and chronic inflammation is a major health risk. Many vital mushrooms can curb inflammatory processes. At the same time, they provide antioxidants such as ergothioneine or phenols and increase the level of endogenous antioxidant compounds.

Apple or pear type?

Depending on whether you are more of an apple or pear person, a different mixture of medicinal mushrooms is suitable for you to lose weight naturally. For the apple type, Coprinus, Maitake and Reishi are particularly suitable, as they have a strong effect on blood sugar levels and liver. The pear type should rather go for Cordyceps, Polyporus and likewise Maitake and Reishi. The focus here is on purification and activation.

Also, be sure to get advice. Our experts will be happy to help you find the perfect combination and dosage of vital mushrooms for you.


Agaricus blazei murill (ABM) has the highest content of polysaccharides of all vital mushrooms. It also has a very high concentration of the antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase, tyrosinase and catalase. This is joined by the enzyme peroxidase as well as phenols and beta-glucans, which are also capable of binding free radicals.

In the intestine, ABM inhibits the enzyme alpha-glucosidase, as a result of which fewer carbohydrates are absorbed into the organism. But this is only one of the mechanisms through which ABM helps regulate blood sugar levels. It also protects the islet cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.

The ABM is also a valuable mushroom when it comes to the risk of fatty liver. It protects against the dangerous liver fibrosis. Since it lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, it prevents fat from being stored in liver cells. At the same time, its high antioxidant content supports and protects liver function and health.


The vital mushroom Auricularia is known to improve blood circulation. Through ingredients such as adenosine, enzymes and beta-glucans, it increases the fluidity of the blood, relaxes the vessels and thus reduces the risk of high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Improved blood flow also means better oxygen supply for muscles, organs and brain. Thus, Auricularia increases physical as well as mental performance and even reduces the likelihood of suffering a stroke or developing vascular dementia. Thus, it covers many health risks that may increasingly affect individuals with obesity.

With the help of its dietary fiber, phenols, triterpenes, polysaccharides and peptides, Auricularia can lower total cholesterol, primarily LDL cholesterol, which means some relief for the liver. Finally, the vital mushroom still unfolds a digestive effect and helps to prevent constipation.


Chaga is not necessarily the classic vital mushroom for obesity, but it has various valuable ingredients that constructively accompany weight loss, depending on the individual constitution. Its host tree, the birch, it owes, among other things, betulin, which helps the body in self-purification and detoxification. The sterol inotodiol acts as an anti-inflammatory. People suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel diseases benefit from this in particular. But also other mucosal inflammation and ulcers in the intestine pushes the Chaga a bar.

Melanin and superoxide dismutase are the most important antioxidants. In addition, Chaga has a regenerating effect on the body’s antioxidant levels. Overall, this vital mushroom is very suitable against inflammatory complaints and to increase the defense, which is often reduced in diabetics.
In one study, researchers gave mice a special high-fat diet. In the group that consumed Chaga at the same time, the diet had less impact on weight. They also suffered less from the secondary diseases of obesity than the group without vital mushroom.


This is the most important medicinal mushroom if you suffer from diabetes in addition to obesity. The Coprinus ensures a good blood sugar level and can even absorb strong fluctuations, which scientists attribute to the comatin contained in it, among other things. As a result of a more stable blood glucose level, the feeling of satiety lasts longer and cravings are less frequent. Coprinus even prevents long-term damage from diabetes by lowering the long-term blood glucose level (HbA1c). This results from the inhibition of glycosylation. Comatin and polysaccharides prevent the harmful saccharification of protein structures in the body.

In practice, Coprinus is often recommended together with Maitake, as they support each other in their effectiveness in the fight against unfavorable abdominal fat. Together, they prevent metabolic blockages caused by fat in the liver and muscle cells.


The particularly valuable ingredients of this vital mushroom include polysaccharides, cordycepin and adenosine. Cordyceps can also lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity. What overweight people with diabetes particularly benefit from, however, is the kidney-protective effect. Thanks to her, even drugs do not harm the kidney so much. However, especially with diabetics and elevated sugar levels, kidney health suffers and dialysis often becomes necessary, so diabetes should be addressed early.

The thyroid gland and the adrenal gland also benefit from the regulating influence of adaptogenic, i.e. strengthening Cordyceps. Here, hormone production is harmonized, which can manifest itself in the form of increased resistance to stress or an antidepressant effect. However, cordyceps can not only improve mood, but can also improve sleep quality. So with this vital mushroom you do something good for your psyche if you want to lose weight naturally.

Furthermore, an alleviating effect on high blood pressure and an improvement of the general blood circulation by the Cordyceps are to be mentioned. Since it also promotes fat burning and muscle building, people feel fitter and more powerful by taking it.


Hericium is another medicinal mushroom that can have a positive effect on mood. It relieves both inner restlessness, anxiety and sleep problems, as well as memory disorders. From the more balanced mental state results a relief of the internal organs, which otherwise suffer from a high stress level. For example, Hericium also calms the mucous membranes in the gastrointestinal tract, which counteracts the symptoms of intolerances, irritable stomach and gastritis.

In addition, it has valuable prebiotic properties and can favorably influence the metabolism through the intestinal flora alone. As a result of its use, an improvement in the following blood values can often be recorded: Creatinine, LDL and total cholesterol, uric acid, triglycerides and blood sugar. The reduction in blood sugar is also partly due to the inhibition of the enzyme glucosidase, which is responsible for converting starch into sugar.


In Maitake are found some substances that are very helpful in metabolic problems and obesity. Its polysaccharides, e.g. the alpha-glucans, have, for example, blood sugar and triglyceride-lowering and antioxidant effects. The vital mushroom counteracts diabetes in various ways. Among other things, certain fatty acids from maitake inhibit alpha-glucosidase activity.

It also lowers blood lipid levels, by both inhibiting the synthesis of cholesterol and driving the conversion of cholesterol to bile acid, leaving the “good” cholesterol HDL untouched. It inhibits the storage of triglycerides in the liver cells and thus prevents fatty liver. It also protects the liver and blood vessels by rendering free radicals harmless. If it did not do so, it would mainly produce the harmful oxidized LDL cholesterol and drive atherosclerosis.

High blood pressure in obesity is also counteracted by maitake, especially the systolic value is reduced. Thus, on the one hand, it probably influences the blood pressure-regulating renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and the vasorelaxing nitric oxide. On the other hand, its ingredients can favorably influence uric acid levels, eliminating a major risk factor for hypertension. Mycotherapists like to administer Maitake together with Polyporus and Poria Cocos to treat lipedema and lymphedema.


Nutrition experts often refer to Pleurotus as the vital substance bomb among medicinal mushrooms. This makes it especially good for people who are overweight, because they often have an increased need for vitamins and minerals. As pleurotus is also a very tasty substitute for meat, it is ideal for regularly adding a nutritious, filling meal to the diet when losing weight naturally.

The lovastatin and mevinolin contained in it inhibit the formation of cholesterol. Studies have shown that regular intake of Pleurotus lowers blood lipids. While triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL decrease, the “good” HDL actually increases. Finally, pleurotus can also reduce fat deposits in the heart, aorta and muscles. It thus prevents high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and mitochondriopathy, which is such a hindrance to weight loss.

The ACE-inhibiting effect of the vital mushroom can also have a lowering effect on blood pressure. In this way, it follows very similar paths to blood pressure medications, but is free of side effects. In connection with its broad antioxidant properties, the improvement of the glutathione system in the liver is particularly noteworthy. This protects the organ and facilitates detoxification and regulation of the cholesterol level.


Smooth elimination of toxins is essential for rapid detoxification. This is precisely where Polyporus comes in by stimulating the lymph flow. In addition, it has dehydrating properties. However, it knows how to prevent excessive excretion of potassium, as is the case with dehydrating drugs. Draining reduces edema, lowers blood pressure and relieves the heart. Especially in people with severe obesity, the heart often has to perform great feats and can work much better thanks to such relief.


When it comes to losing weight with vital mushrooms, Reishi is always at the top of the recommendation list. Animal studies showed that taking it alone, without changes in diet, stagnated a previously steady weight gain. Here, a large part of the effect takes place via a changed intestinal flora. In addition, it has a relaxing effect on the psyche. This reduces both stress symptoms and sleep problems.

Reishi also plays a significant role in liver protection. It reduces oxidative stress, prevents fat accumulation and promotes detoxification activity. Both in the liver and in blood plasma, it lowers LDL as well as total cholesterol with the help of its triterpenes and ganodermic acids. Among other things, due to its anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial effect on blood flow properties, it reduces the risk of hypertension and atherosclerosis.


Shiitake is a popular edible mushroom. It can be bought almost everywhere. Due to texture and taste, it is an adequate substitute for meat when properly prepared. However, with a similar taste experience, the vital mushroom has completely different effects on health. For example, it can curb inflammation and alleviate oxidative stress. The amino acid ergothioneine contained in it protects the nervous system from free radical damage and prevents oxidation of blood lipids.

The substance eritadenin positively regulates phospholipid metabolism in the liver, which has a significant effect on blood lipid levels. Overall, it accelerates the breakdown of cholesterol and its removal with the blood. Drying the fungus also produces thioproline, which can bind nitrite in the intestine. Thus, the dried mushroom facilitates the work of the liver. Shiitake increases its resistance with the help of its polyphenols, which form a kind of protective shield for the liver cells.

Like the other vital mushrooms, shiitake is rich in B vitamins. This plays an important role in the prevention of homocysteinemia. At the same time, its eritadenin directly curbs the formation of homocysteine. With this and its already ACE-inhibiting as well as antithrombotic effect, it has a positive influence on blood pressure.

What should be considered when taking vital mushrooms to support weight loss?

Lose weight naturally and sustainably

The intake of vital mushrooms supports quite significantly on the way to less weight and more health. However, the basis for permanent weight loss continues to be a fundamental change to a whole-food, preferably plant-based and natural diet in combination with a regular exercise program.

In principle, vital mushrooms must be taken for at least three months, sometimes for years. Medicinal mushrooms have no classic side effects and do not harm the body even in the long run. However, the weight loss success and which mushrooms are most suitable for you strongly depends on your individual constitution and personal conditions. Therefore, be sure to consult your therapist and/or our experts at the Institute beforehand.

Where do I buy vital mushrooms for weight loss?

Only vital mushrooms from German organic cultivation are recommended – here there are the highest quality standards and here you can be sure that the medicinal mushrooms have not come into contact with toxins from soil or pesticides.

As a form of intake, mushroom powder has proven itself many times, which consists of the whole mushroom and was dried at less than 40 ° Celsius, because higher temperatures destroy valuable ingredients. Since openly stored powder can mold after some time and this is hardly visible to the naked eye, you are on the safe side with capsules.

Please consult your therapist before use!


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