Put a natural end to digestive problems - with medicinal mushrooms

Vital mushrooms are important natural remedies when it comes to combating digestive complaints. They balance out imbalances in the gastrointestinal tract and alleviate the often unpleasant symptoms.

We need them like the air we breathe: nutrients. Without an adequate supply of macro and micronutrients, we become ill. If you take a closer look at what our digestive system has to do to keep us healthy, the full complexity of these everyday processes becomes clear. There are sensitive balances of pH values, dynamic interactions of enzymes and bacteria as well as all kinds of cross-connections to other body systems. Everything is nothing without good digestion – as anyone who has ever suffered from stomach or intestinal problems will know. This makes it all the more important to provide the best possible support for this sophisticated system. Vital mushrooms are a wonderful natural remedy for this. Among other things, they nourish our intestinal bacteria, bind toxins and cholesterol in the intestines and nourish the mucous membranes that are omnipresent in the digestive tract. The medicinal mushroom Hericium in particular has been used for centuries to naturally combat gastrointestinal problems.

What stresses the digestive tract and what helps it

Due to our current eating habits and living conditions, our digestive tract is unfortunately exposed to numerous harmful influences. It is burdened by a diet that is often too sweet, too fatty and too rich. This promotes putrefaction and fermentation processes in the digestive tract, which can then manifest itself in familiar symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, flatulence and diarrhea or even constipation. In addition, we have more and more toxins in our food, which can also promote food intolerances, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases or even bowel cancer. All these problems have a huge impact on quality of life. However, with a change in diet and carefully selected natural remedies, they can certainly be brought under control. The gold standard here is certainly fresh plant-based and unprocessed foods. Herbs and spices can also be used to efficiently support digestion. Even grandma knew about the positive effects of caraway, for example. Hildegard v. Bingen described galangal as the “spice of life”. However, more recent discoveries such as turmeric, maca root and barley grass are also able to alleviate a variety of ailments. Then there are the medicinal mushrooms, each of which has a different effect. To find out which natural remedies and medicinal mushrooms in particular are best suited to your personal situation, it is best to seek individual advice. The MykoTroph Institute offers a free hotline for this purpose, which you can use to get in touch with experts.

Further symptoms of a diseased intestine

In addition to typical symptoms such as irritable stomach and intestines, gastritis or food intolerances, completely different complaints can also be caused by a disturbed digestive system. Allergies and autoimmune diseases are another phenomenon that is becoming increasingly widespread. These are often caused by increased permeability of the intestinal wall. If the natural barrier is damaged, foreign substances easily enter the bloodstream, where the immune system has to fight them. An immune system that is constantly under stress tends to overreact, which manifests itself in allergies and food intolerances, among other things. But the opposite, a weak immune system with a high susceptibility to infections, can also have its origin in a “bad” intestinal environment. This is because 80 % of immune cells are produced in the intestine itself. Psychological complaints such as depressive moods, excessive tiredness and concentration problems can also be caused by imbalances in the digestive tract.

It is therefore worth taking a look at the intestines if you have a variety of health problems. Depending on the cause and symptoms, the use of different medicinal mushrooms makes sense. Hericium and Pleurotus, for example, can improve intestinal health, while Reishi and Coriolus support the immune system.

Let us advise you!

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