Philosophy and mission of MykoTroph

Helping as a vocation

At MykoTroph, we want to help people and animals get healthy and stay healthy. To achieve this goal, we continue a tradition that is more than 4000 years old – healing with vital mushrooms. It is our mission to help people and animals feel good in their bodies: For a powerful life full of energy and joy!

Junge Frau sitzt in der Natur mit ihrem Hund, umgeben von einem Feld von Magariten

Knowledge for the world

Direct contact with people is very important to us: in training courses and webinars, in presence or online, by telephone and by mail. We are convinced of the effective action of medicinal mushrooms. We would like to pass on our extensive knowledge and many years of experience. We want to show as many people as possible how they can regain and maintain health with vital mushrooms. For this purpose, we make our bundled knowledge available.

Serve life

In mycotherapy we see people and animals in their wholeness of body mind and soul. Quality is particularly important to us. Our counseling is always aimed at helping to identify and eliminate the causes of a disease. Therapeutic and preventive. MykoTroph wants to serve people and animals – life as such. We are burning for this mission!


We will gladly take time for you. In our free consultation we answer individually and personally all your health questions under:

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