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Intestinal rehabilitation after antibiotics

07 July 2021
Dipl.-Biol. Dorothee Ogroske et al.

A healthy intestine is one of the most important basic requirements for our health. This is shown by the fact that even rather simple complaints in the intestinal tract can significantly affect our general well-being. These include flatulence, bloating or constipation.

A healthy intestine ensures much more than good digestion. It is also the largest contact surface with the environment and this must be protected. The microorganisms colonizing the intestine – the so-called microbiome -, the intestinal mucosa and the intestine-associated immune system play a very decisive role.

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Gut healthy - Holistic healthy

Via the gut-brain axis, our gut also has a direct influence on our mental balance. This also underscores how important it is to take care of gut health. The topic of intestinal complaints should therefore definitely be taken out of the taboo area in which it is unfortunately still located for many people.

Numerous disruptive factors

The healthy balance of the intestine can get out of sync due to many influences. This includes, for example, taking a whole range of medications; especially antibiotics. The same applies to an unhealthy, unbalanced diet, too much stress, negative environmental influences or chronic diseases.

Vital mushrooms - naturally good for the intestine

Vital mushrooms have specific active ingredients that develop various beneficial effects in the intestine. Therefore, they have proven to be strong helpers in a sustainable reconstruction of a damaged intestinal environment. Significant here are the vital mushrooms Hericium, Reishi and Pleurotus.

Hericium regenerates the mucous membranes in the digestive tract, restoring their barrier function. The vital mushroom Reishi reduces inflammation and also has anti-allergic properties. The pleurotus nourishes the microbiome. It thus develops a prebiotic effect and improves immune function via this. The gut-brain axis is strengthened by Hericium and Reishi in particular. These two vital mushrooms thereby additionally influence our mood and our feelings.


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