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Infection prophylaxis - Infection therapy

August 28, 2020
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

Colds and also the real flu are usually caused by viruses. The risk of infection is very high and a healthy immune system is still the best protection. Vital mushrooms are strong partners in this.

Numerous symptoms

The peak of the flu epidemic is usually the cold season. But even in the warm months we are not immune to it, as the very term “summer flu” suggests. Both the pathogens that cause the real flu and many other viruses trigger a strong feeling of illness. General symptoms include headache, aching limbs, feeling weak, and chills. In addition, there are more or less pronounced mucosal symptoms of the respiratory tract, including rhinitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis, sore throat, hoarseness, cough and bronchitis.

Important basic mushrooms

Vitalpice Coriolus and Agaricus blazei murrill (ABM) have powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. Due to their high content of polysaccharides – whose effects are well studied scientifically today – they activate various immune mechanisms. These help our defenses to overcome the infection. They also promote the healing of the attacked, inflamed mucous membranes.

In addition, the Coriolus and ABM contain specific ingredients with strong antioxidant effects. This allows them to reduce the virulence – i.e. the pathogenic potential – of the viruses, so that the infection is weakened. Both vital mushrooms can also be used very well preventively to protect against infections. It is interesting to know: A large part of the immune system is located in the intestine. Here, the prebiotic effect of the vital mushrooms unfolds an additional positive effect.


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