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The importance of mushrooms for health

January 25, 2021
Dipl.-Biol. Dorothee Ogroske et al.

People have known about the value of mushrooms as food for thousands of years. Today, they provide us with a healthy and extremely tasty food to enrich our menu.

Mushrooms are extremely rich in valuable biovital substances and also contain extremely few calories. Therefore, they are also very suitable for losing weight and, of course, to maintain weight. Since the “Ötzi” discovery, it is also known that mushrooms were used for healing purposes not only in Asia but also in Europe more than 5,300 years ago.

Just like nature, our body knows that it can detoxify itself with the help of mushrooms. Fungi are able to break down toxins and make them excretable. If our body does not keep up with our detoxification performance, then it allows so-called “weak fungi” in the body. The best known of these fungi is certainly Candida albicans. It is mainly used to reduce the organism’s exposure to mercury, such as that caused by amalgam in dental fillings.

Many therapists are of the opinion that one must immediately fight the so-called “weak fungi”. Most of the time, however, they don’t seem to be aware of why the body allowed these mushrooms in the first place. “Weak fungi” are also very often found in the body, for example, after chemotherapy, which as a side effect leads to a very high toxin load on the organism. Here, too, their appearance is almost always very negatively evaluated and then mostly fought with even more chemistry. However, the body supports itself with these fungi during detoxification. Therefore, they should not be combated and especially not by even more chemistry.

Medicinal mushrooms help detoxify

Medicinal mushrooms (stand mushrooms) are very effective in helping the body detoxify. As a result, it no longer needs so many of the so-called “weak fungi” for detoxification. Even if this may seem paradoxical for many therapists (doctors and alternative practitioners) at first, but with the right medicinal mushrooms you can reduce the “weaknesses” in the body! This still widespread ignorance that mushrooms detoxify is ultimately the reason why many therapists are still not unconditionally opposed to a medicinal mushroom treatment.

Since the discovery of penicillin (antibiotic), a mold, by Alexander Fleming, modern medicine also knows what positive effects can be found in fungi. Immunosuppressants (cyclosporine) are also obtained from fungi.

Freely after the wise saying of Paracelsus “All things are poison and nothing is without poison. The dose alone makes a thing not a poison”, in homeopathy even remedies from poisonous mushrooms are used for our recovery.

Old traditions

Cultures with shamanic traditions use psychotropic mushrooms to tune the mind for healing. After all, many people do not allow healing because they have come to terms with their illness. The reason for this is mostly that illness can also be associated with positive experiences on the emotional side. If we are sick, we receive more attention, we are visited more often and we receive flowers or other gifts. Also, we don’t have to function as perfectly as we do when we are healthy. This is not just a phenomenon of our modern times. Already the shamans knew about it hundreds of years ago.

Prejudices against the application

Mushroom powder capsules on a wooden spoon, which lies on a rustic wooden base. Next to the spoon are dried Reishi piecesPrejudices such as “it can’t be that mushrooms heal” can also prevent a cure. Because if we are from the outset of the firm opinion that a certain medicine, a certain healing method or even a natural medicine like the medicinal mushrooms are of no use, they will hardly help! Animals do not know such negative attitudes and that is why medicinal mushrooms work so well in animals.

We would therefore like to give you the following good advice: please be positive, simply allow the healing to take place and try to let the positive powers of medicinal mushrooms work on your body. Even if you say, I have already tried so many things and everything has not helped.

Mushrooms also have a balancing and regulating effect on our nervous and hormonal systems. They bring the body back into balance and help it with the so important detoxification work. The medicinal mushrooms also each have very specific organ references. Therefore, we can use them to specifically support and regenerate the corresponding organs such as the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, etc. And in general: Vital mushrooms make it easier to restore the balance of body, mind and soul!

How can you recognize the effect of the mushrooms and can side effects occur?

In most cases, our body responds very directly to the medicinal mushrooms. However, with regard to the detoxifying effect of mushrooms, it can happen that the deposited toxins are dissolved so quickly that our excretory organs cannot keep up with the removal of toxins and waste products just as quickly.

Fungi dissolve toxins and our excretory organs must then be able to eliminate these dissolved toxins.

Especially when our body is very heavily loaded with toxins, we may initially have reactions that we initially evaluate negatively. These may include diarrhea reactions, nausea, dizziness, abdominal pressure, or skin reactions. However, these are all initial reactions that show us how quickly the mushrooms work, but also that our body needs further support due to its stress.

Therefore, it is very important not to give up immediately when these initial reactions occur! Just give your body more time and reduce the intake dose until the initial reactions no longer occur. In individual cases, this may also mean that initially only half a capsule should be taken per day.

Do not overwhelm your body, but help it in its detoxification work. The first priority is to support the liver and kidneys. Two mushrooms in particular promote detoxification and elimination: reishi and cordyceps.

The Reishi

Dried reishi mushroom on white backgroundWith the medicinal mushroom Reishi we support the liver regeneration and its detoxification performance. The broken down toxins are then discharged from the body via the bile flow. For this reason, the flow of bile often needs additional support. This is very well possible, for example, through bile tea. It is best to drink one cup at a time before a meal.

In addition, turmeric has also been very successful. To do this, take a knife tip before each meal – preferably with a little pepper. Very important: Always salivate well and only then swallow! Also, one of the best supports for bile flow is an enema with a ¾ liter of bean coffee. It should always be performed without pressure and held for about twelve to 15 minutes. It is usually sufficient to perform the enema once a week.

The Cordyceps

You can see three dried cordyceps mushrooms on white backgroundThe kidneys can be supported and regenerated with the vital mushroom Cordyceps. In addition, kidney tea is also very valuable. By the way, it works best if you drink a cup every quarter of an hour during the kidney-active period between 5 and 7 pm. It can be quiet thin, but should be drunk very hot. If you freeze easily, i.e. often have cold feet, cold hands or a cold tip of the nose, then you should additionally support the kidneys by placing a heat pad on them during this time.

Reactions and contraindications

Especially in the case of skin reactions, such as skin pustules, therapists often suspect a fungal allergy. However, there is actually no such thing as a fungal allergy. The reason for the occurrence of skin reactions is rather the following: If at least two of our four excretory organs – these are the liver, the kidneys, the lymphatic system and the gastrointestinal tract – are not functioning adequately, the body turns to the skin as an additional excretory organ.

So, if skin reactions appear while taking the medicinal mushrooms, it is definitely not a mushroom allergy. Rather, these reactions tell us that at least two of our four organs of elimination are not functioning as they should and still need additional support to eliminate toxins.

Medicinal mushrooms often act very quickly. Therefore, we should recognize that initially there may also be different reactions than we hope for. However, every reaction is first positive, because it exposes our weak points. Therefore, do not be discouraged by such reactions in any case. In fact, they show how quickly the fungi intervene in problem solving!

Taking the vital mushrooms

Always take medicinal mushrooms gradually so that the so-called initial reactions do not occur and always drink enough. The mushroom capsules contain dried and powdered mushrooms.

Surely you have soaked dried mushrooms before and therefore know how much water the mushrooms can absorb to swell. The same process must also take place in our body. The more you drink, the better the mushrooms will be absorbed and the better effects they will have. Shot of woman drinking a glass of water - soft , blurred background with blindsAlways drink at least 100 ml of liquid – still water or herbal tea is particularly beneficial – per capsule. Since one should not drink while eating, it is recommended to take the mushroom capsules either before or after eating.

Whether you have detoxification reactions or not, you will see: After three months at the latest, you will feel an improvement when taking three capsules daily or be able to verify it in the blood values. So, please don’t give up again right away. And please note: Medicinal mushrooms not only relieve symptoms, but have a holistic and causal effect! Every disease has a cause and the causes cannot be eliminated overnight. Therefore, a certain period of time is always needed for the healing process as well.

Medicinal mushrooms are very effective in helping our body to regain balance and regulation. They activate our self-healing powers, so that he can again help himself to become and stay healthy.


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