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Hay fever - natural remedy is possible

January 19, 2021
Dipl.-Biol. Dorothee Ogroske et al.

Watery, itchy eyes, a sniffy nose and sneezing fits: With the start of the pollen count, the hay fever season begins every year. For more and more people, this means a period of suffering that often lasts for months. According to figures from the German Allergy and Asthma Association, around 20 percent of the population in Germany alone is now affected by a pollen allergy.

It is the most common allergy of all and causes symptoms that really pack a punch. Often they are so serious that there is a massive reduction in the quality of life. But through the treatment with medicinal mushrooms, an effective, well-proven natural healing method is available for the therapy of the disease.

Hay fever - a dysregulation of the immune system

As with all other allergies, pollen allergy is caused by an “overshooting”, i.e. misregulated, immune system. Our defenses react to substances that are actually completely harmless and fight them as if they were dangerous pathogens. In the case of pollen allergy, this is the pollen – or more precisely, the proteins it contains – of grasses, flowers, herbs, cereals, shrubs or trees.

Hay fever symptoms

If the conjunctiva or respiratory mucous membranes of those affected come into contact with the pollen, a cascade of allergic reactions is set in motion. This is associated with a strong release of the inflammatory messenger histamine.

The consequences range from red, itchy and watery eyes, tingling and scratching in the nose and throat, swollen mucous and inflamed conjunctiva, itching, a blocked nose or runny nose to bronchial asthma. Many pollen allergy sufferers also suffer from sensitivity to light, headaches, exhaustion, fatigue or insomnia.

Causative therapies

But what to do? Avoiding pollen completely – as is often advised – is hardly possible. And conventional therapies or medications usually only treat the symptoms.

A better alternative is holistic natural therapies that address the cause of the allergy. Mycotherapy uses medicinal mushrooms, also called vital mushrooms. They significantly alleviate the symptoms. In the medium term, they even counteract the recurrence of pollen allergy.

Weiße Anführungszeichen in dunkelblauem Kreis
C. S.

"I suffer from food and pollen allergy. Over the past 18 months, my condition has increasingly worsened to the point of allergic shock reactions. Unfortunately, conventional medical desensitization did not help. With the intake of the Reishi mushroom came a significant improvement. The food allergy has subsided and the pollen allergy is gone. I can even tolerate nuts again, which always led to a state of shock before."

Weiße Anführungszeichen in dunkelblauem Kreis
Mr. K. from Gotha

"I have been free of complaints for about four years, except for very few days. I am very satisfied with the result. Unlike various asthma sprays and desensitizations, which remained without lasting success."

Weiße Anführungszeichen in dunkelblauem Kreis
Mr. E. R. from Neuhof

"By taking Reishi regularly, my life has become worth living again. The fear of allergies has disappeared. And with it, eye burning, sneezing, swollen nose and bronchial whistling."

Weiße Anführungszeichen in dunkelblauem Kreis
Mrs. B. A. from Netzschkau

"I have always had pollen allergies in the spring. Since 2003 with rhinitis, breathing problems and inflamed eyes. In summer I take one capsule of Reishi daily, in spring 2 x 2. Even during extreme pollen count my problems are greatly alleviated, otherwise completely eliminated."

Powerful immune system in healthy balance

Medicinal mushrooms are among the oldest and most effective natural medicines in the world. In traditional Chinese medicine, they have been used successfully for centuries for many ailments and diseases, as well as preventive. Especially for allergies, they have proven their worth. They can bring the excessive immune defense – and thus the root of the evil – back into balance.

Important basic fungus

One of the most important medicinal mushrooms in the treatment of pollen allergy and other types of allergy is Reishi. It regulates the immune system, exerts an anti-inflammatory effect and improves oxygenation. In addition, this vital mushroom is rich in cortisone-like triterpenes. Thus, it can very effectively reduce histamine release. This means great relief for pollen allergy sufferers, as this inflammatory messenger is responsible for many of the allergic symptoms.


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