For flawless skin: detox naturally with medicinal mushrooms

Our modern way of life and diet means an ever-increasing burden of toxins for our organism. If the body’s own detoxification processes are not working optimally, skin problems can occur. Vital mushrooms offer an efficient and natural way to support the body in the elimination of toxins.

Neurodermatitis, pimples, scaly and burning skin are extremely unpleasant symptoms that are affecting more and more people. The resulting symptoms are not only a visual drawback – the quality of life is often significantly reduced with a skin disease. In the search for relief, the question of the causes of skin problems inevitably arises. To answer these questions, we also need to take a look at our environment, which has changed considerably in recent decades. In particular, exposure to toxic substances has increased massively. Heavy metals, pesticides, exhaust fumes, particulate matter, hormone-like substances in plastic products, etc. are omnipresent. Added to this is the increasing consumption of chemical medications and the use of far too many skin care products, which can impair the skin’s barrier function.

In principle, we have the ability to render toxins harmless and excrete them again. However, our detoxification systems are increasingly overwhelmed. When the liver, kidneys, intestines and lungs can no longer cope, our body switches to an emergency program: Toxins are then also excreted via the sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin and can cause annoying skin problems. Vital mushrooms are a very effective and natural option to counteract this.

Natural support for detoxification

Nature has set up a sophisticated system in our organism whereby toxins are rendered harmless and released back into the environment. For example, the lymph transports toxins to the central detoxification organs – above all the liver and kidneys. An excess of waste products and toxins is also deposited in the connective and fatty tissue. Well-circulating lymph can help to reduce such deposits more quickly.

The medicinal mushroom Polyporus stimulates the lymph flow and improves lymph circulation. As a result, it can eliminate congestion and makes a significant contribution to detoxification. If the liver is overwhelmed with detoxification, it receives support from the medicinal mushrooms shiitake and reishi. If there are problems with the skin, a precise analysis of the situation is essential.

As a renowned authority in the field of mycotherapy, the MykoTroph Institute points out that an individual consultation should always be the basis for the use of medicinal mushrooms. Those affected can call the MykoTroph Institute’s free hotline to speak to experts with years of experience. Regular webinars are also offered.

What is the connection between the skin and the gut and the immune system?

In the course of detoxification, the liver renders the toxins harmless and releases them into the intestine via the bile. Active and smooth digestion is therefore essential to ensure the removal of waste.

In principle, all medicinal mushrooms have a positive effect on the intestinal flora. Hericium also specifically strengthens the intestinal mucosa. The intestines themselves are often affected by malnutrition and food contaminated with additives. An unhealthy diet promotes fermentation and putrefaction processes in the digestive tract. This produces additional toxins and also promotes inflammatory processes on the skin. The intestinal mucosal barrier can also be impaired. Substances now enter the circulation that would never pass through the intestinal mucosa in a healthy person. The immune system regards them as intruders and is constantly working at full speed. This can lead to allergies and autoimmune diseases, the symptoms of which often show up on the skin. On the other hand, the immune system is not particularly efficient under constant stress. This also makes it easier for viruses and bacteria that lead to skin diseases to spread: Herpes, chicken pox, warts etc. The medicinal mushroom Coriolus has proven itself many times over as a regulator of the immune system. Thanks to its ingredients, it can both regulate excessive reactions and stimulate a weak immune system.

Let us advise you!

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