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Colorectal cancer - good chances of cure

07 April 2022
Dipl.-Biol. Dorothee Ogroske et al.

Every year, approximately 62,000 people in Germany develop colorectal cancer. However, this has a cure rate of up to 90 percent in the early stages. More than with other cancers, errors in diet are considered to be the cause: too much fat and meat, too few vegetables.

A familial predisposition is found in about 10 percent of patients. It often becomes noticeable at an early stage through the pathological formation of intestinal polyps (protrusions of the intestinal mucosa). Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease increase the risk of colorectal cancer.
Medicinal mushrooms can effectively support the treatment of bowel cancer in various ways.

Conventional and naturopathic therapy with medicinal mushrooms

It is becoming increasingly apparent that conventional therapies such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can be very effectively supported by naturopathic treatment. Holistic treatment of cancer strengthens the body. The focus here is on aspects such as building up the intestinal environment and activating the immune system.

Proper nutrition also supports cancer prevention. Important here are many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, carotenoids and other phytochemicals. With medicinal mushrooms one has the possibility to support the organism in its tumor defense on different levels. They have antitumor, anti-inflammatory effects, strengthen and regenerate the nervous system, gastrointestinal mucosa, organs and mitigate the effects of chemotherapy.


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