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Vascular diseases - circulatory disorders, arteriosclerosis, varicose veins

April 30, 2022
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

Good blood circulation is very important for our health. After all, our vessels transport blood and thus oxygen as well as nutrients throughout the entire body. For this to work well and for the blood to reach all organs and every cell, our vessels must be elastic and pervious.

Harmful factors

In addition to smoking, high blood sugar in particular has a negative effect on our vascular health. Both damage the inner layer of the vessels. If a constantly high cholesterol level is added to this, arteriosclerosis will develop sooner or later. Too much cholesterol in the blood tends to be deposited in the damaged areas of the blood vessels. As a result, they can lose elasticity and become impermeable.

In the case of existing high blood pressure, the blood is pumped with increased pressure against the vessel walls of the arteries. This can then cause additional damage to the vessels. But our veins, especially the leg veins, can also cause problems. For example, if the valves in the veins are too weak, which prevents the blood from returning to the heart. In this case, varicose veins then often develop, which are typically associated with complaints such as a feeling of heaviness and tension in the legs.

Vital mushrooms for vascular health

Due to specific active ingredients, certain vital mushrooms can support our vascular health very well. The Auricularia, the Reishi and the Shiitake improve blood flow and develop both antithrombotic and cholesterol-lowering effects. Auricularia in particular helps to protect the inner walls of the vessels, so that fewer holes and scars can form here. Furthermore, these three vital mushrooms exert a vasodilating effect and thus a beneficial influence on blood pressure.

Shiitake is also beneficial for atherosclerotic deposits in the arteries. It counteracts the formation of plaques and thereby improves blood circulation. In the case of the so-called “shop window disease”, which is localized in the legs, this can lead to a beneficial reduction in pain.


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