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Alternative medicine

March 22, 2022
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

Alternative medicine is rooted in the tradition of all peoples of our world. It is as diverse as its origins from the most varied cultures. If there are commonalities of alternative healing methods, it is the strong connection to nature and the conscious, mindful approach to one’s own person.

Factors that promote healthy living – especially nutrition – always play a major role. We can also learn from these traditions for today: for example, to sensitize our sense for the needs of our own body and thus to experience again what really does us good. After all, sustainable use of resources – in this case, of one’s own body – can only happen on one’s own responsibility. The observance of fasting periods, for example, was never questioned in the past. It has certainly helped to prevent certain diseases such as the affluence syndrome that is so common today.

Healthy nutrition as the key to well-being

The effects of lifestyle and dietary habits on health are unfortunately still too much neglected today. It is true that certain strengths and weaknesses are inherent in our bodies from birth. Ultimately, however, the constantly forming new tissue is built up from the substances that we regularly supply to the body. Healthy tissue can only be built up from healthy food.

Taking healthy foods, such as lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots - arranged on a wooden board.That is why we should eat fresh and natural food as much as possible. Foods that are free of preservatives and additives. The amount of food is just as crucial: it should be adapted to both the individual need and the individual digestive power.

Only if the ingested food can also be utilized by our body, healthy tissue is formed. Nowadays, the digestive power is disturbed mainly by stress. We then often feel tired after eating or digestive problems occur. Healthy nutrition and a balanced lifestyle are the basis of our health.

Every person is unique!

Our experienced team will be happy to advise you in detail and free of charge on all matters relating to your health.

Holistic, individual and without undesirable side effects

Alternative medicine always looks at the whole person and not just the disease: Why does a person react with certain symptoms at a certain time? Thus, a particular disease may be treated with different therapies in different individuals because the cause of the disease is different in each case. Young family - father, mother and two children looking happy and contentThe goal of alternative medicine is therefore not only to reduce symptoms, but to identify and treat the causes. For example, if asthma is not treated causally, skin diseases may develop later in its course because the cause of the disease seeks another form of expression.

Due to the use of natural substances, there are usually no undesirable side effects, as is so often the case with conventionally used drugs. Finally, the application of alternative healing methods is very helpful in chronic diseases. This is where conventional medicine often reaches its limits.


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