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The 5 pillars of health

January 16, 2020
Dr. Dorothee Bös et al.

Both health and disease depend significantly on 5 different factors. These are exercise, nutrition, detoxification, the intestinal environment and the psycho-spiritual component. Vital mushrooms can be used very helpfully in each and every one of these areas.

1) Sufficient and regular exercise

Without movement there is no life. It keeps us fit and vigorous, promotes sleep and general well-being. For any musculoskeletal complaints, vital mushrooms are an effective treatment option. For example, they help with gout, osteoarthritis and arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory properties are highly appreciated, especially in chronic diseases.

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2) Healthy and balanced diet

What we eat is at least as important as regular exercise. For a healthy diet, the three main components of our food, namely carbohydrates, proteins and fats, should be present in their essential form.

Mushrooms play an important role in a healthy diet

In addition, secondary plant and dietary fibers are essential and important components. Physical aberrations – such as elevated insulin levels and their serious consequences – are in many cases diet-related. Mushrooms have a special importance both as food, but also for the treatment of the consequences of malnutrition.

3) Boost the body's own detoxification with medicinal mushrooms

Mushrooms are known to contain a considerable amount of detoxification enzymes. Medicinal or vital mushrooms can support the body’s excretory organs, as well as boost the body’s own detoxification systems. They are excellent for initiating enzymatic degradation of foreign substances and toxins. The body’s detoxification systemsintertwine in an effective and fascinating way. The enzymes in the glutathione system, for example, can be activated by fungi. In addition, mushrooms contain various amino acids from which the body can produce glutathione.

4) Stabilize a healthy intestinal environment

Furthermore, vital mushrooms are highly valued for their effective effect on the intestinal environment. Maintaining the respective physiological ph value in the various digestive organs is of great importance for the correct digestion of food. A healthy intestinal environment provides an essential basis for this. Bile and pancreatic enzymes are involved in a regulatory capacity. Not infrequently, the cause of inflammatory processes of the pancreas, but also of heartburn, is to be found in an insufficient bile flow. Naturopathically, this can be stimulated in various ways.

5) Mind and spirit - people are not just "bodies"

But the human being does not only consist of “body”. The psycho-spiritual component must be taken into account in the development and treatment of diseases in the same way as the purely physical aspect. Again, to support the nerves and the psyche, various medicinal mushrooms can be used. Which of the fourteen vital mushrooms are exactly suitable for the individual challenges, you will learn from our experienced mycotherapists in the telephone consultation.


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